Security is our top priority

At The Baggage Handling Company security is paramount. That is why we go that extra mile to make sure all measures are taken to provide you with 100% satisfaction when handling your baggage. All customers shall receive a security seal tag that will need to be attached to each case prior to collection, either in our own vehicle or with the courier. You will then be given your very own unique reference number assigned to your baggage.

Your baggage is insured up to £250 per bag (additional cover is available). Insurance covers the contents of the baggage should it become lost. Insurance does not cover damage to the case itself. Damages (should they occur) would be dealt with on an individual basis separately.

All information submitted to us is completely confidential and we pass no information to any third party.

Payment is made through WorldPay secure payment gateway. Most cards accepted.

The Baggage Handling Company - Security

We will be taking extra precautions when handling any customers luggage, to ensure our service is safe in light of COVID-19.


  • all collection drivers to be masked and wearing gloves when greeting customers.
  • cases to be collected a minimum of 72 hours prior to departure, to ensure they are safe for boarding the ships.
  • cases to be sanitised prior to ship delivery or back to your home address.